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Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Effective Use of Carpool Lanes
San Rafael works closely with members of the West Pasadena Residents Association, the San Rafael Neighborhood Association, and the Pasadena Police Department to establish procedures that make student drop-off and student pick-up as efficient, safe, and respectful as possible.  In order for our system to work, we need cooperation and collaboration from each and every one of you.  Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Curbside on Nithdsdale (front of the school) and San Miguel (east-side of school is reserved for our “Carpool Lane”
  2. Area directly in front of the school is reserved for the SCHOOL BUS
  3. Parking or Stopping is not permitted 
  4. Drivers are to stay in their car and continue to move forward as space allows
  5. Staff members (one on Nithsdale and one on San Miguel) will assist your student in opening the door and helping them get out of the car
  6. Please respect and follow instructions from school personnel at all times 
  7. Please have students ready to exit the vehicle when it is safe 
  8. Do not stop and open your trunk, etc. as this delays the flow of traffic
  9. Do not make u-turns, 3-point turns, or pull into driveways across the street from our school as this blocks the flow of traffic


After-School Student Release Procedures
After school, different grade levels are released through different gates.  With over 500 students at San Rafael, it is not possible to have all of our students dismissed from the same gate.  We have assigned a different exit gate for every grade level.  Please note, if you have students in different grade levels, we recommend that your older student join your youngest student at the youngest student’s gate.  For example, if you have a student in Fourth Grade and a student in Kindergarten, your Fourth Grade student should meet your Kindergarten student at the Kindergarten gate.

Here are the gate assignments for student dismissal:

  • Pre-School = Students are walked out to the main gate
  • Kindergarten = Side Gate on San Miguel (side of school)
  • First Grade = Front of school
  • Second Grade = Front of school
  • Third Grade = Side Gate on San Miguel
  • Fourth Grade = Gate between Room #4 and Auditorium
  • Fifth Grade = Gate between Room #4 and Auditorium                 


“Carpool Lane” is also available after-school with the same guidelines as the morning.