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Uniform Policy and Dress Code

San Rafael students are expected to wear a school uniform.  Our school uniforms are:

  • navy blue or khaki bottoms (no jeans)
  • tops can be navy blue, light blue, white, forest green (school color)
  • "Panda Wear" tops that are sold by our PTA can be worn on any day
  • tops must have a collar unless they are "Panda Wear" t-shirts
  • jackets and sweaters can be any color or pattern
  • shoes must be closed-toe and closed-back for support and safety
  • no "crocs" or sandals of any type

Once in a while, San Rafael has "Free Dress Days."  On those days, clothing must be appropriate for learning and safe for school.

  • No Crocs or sandals of any kind
  • no tank tops or spaghetti straps
  • shorts and skirts must reach further than the fingertips with arms resting at student's side